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Many may have heard of #1 BBS, #1 Computer Services, No.1 Internet Services, No.1 at Your Service, as technology changed so did the name to better reflect the services as we no longer run a multi-line dial-up Bulletin Board Service (BBS).

No. 1 @ Your Service Pty Ltd has changed with the times and needs of customers. With each transition usually meant a variation of name to better reflect the service, who would have heard of Cloud Computing back in the days when Bulletin Boards ruled the 1200 baud copper highways?

You may have been a BBS user with Greg as the SysOp, or a dial up user when the internet was just starting to get traction in the mid 90's, or faster connections with No.1 Internet Services Broadband.

No. 1 @ Your Service Pty Ltd decided to keep the dream and ideals alive of a socially responsible organisation and being socially responsible has nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter.

Having a name starting with number 1 means there are big shoes to fill to maintain expectations.

No company is perfect but No.1 @ Your Service Pty Ltd (aka #1) has the #1 as a benchmark and a goal not just to attain but to keep in all areas of the company.

#1 is customer orientated so the customer is #1, also as #1 is family owned and operated it does not need huge profits to pay dividends to shareholders or to pay exorbitant salaries to an overpaid CEO, this is just some areas that sets #1 apart from the other service providers.

At #1 we trust you too will enjoy the difference of dealing with #1.

So if you do have any questions, please let us know by logging a ticket (no registration required).

Warm Regards:

The #1 Team!

Well, it has been a long time coming... for more than a year preparation have been made to house the rest of our hosted domains on servers based in Australian data centres, the final steps should be complete in the first part of December 2011.

Please note that if your password is not strong enough you will be contacted to advise of a new password.

It is common that we run an audit on the strength and security of our service and therefore it is not an uncommon request to users who have a password which may be weak to change/ater it to ensure their privacy.

If you have any questions please log a helpdesk ticket here.

Additionally more functionality is planned to be available particularly for mobile users over the coming months.

Thank you for your time:

#1 Support